Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ducktales: Top/Bottom/Middle Tens

Okay, now the list of best, worst, and most average-est episodes. These are basically in descending order from best/worst to less-best/less-worst, though obviously there's an arbitrary aspect to the whole endeavor. I didn't include runners-up for average-est episodes, because this whole "average-est" concept is on shaky enough logical ground as it is without trying to quantify which episodes are almost, but not quite, average enough to qualify. The only reason I included the category in the first place was because so often my problem wasn't that the episodes were bad, per se, but rather that they were just totally limp and uninspiring. I felt that this aspect of the show deserved to be officially noted.

It should also be noted that I've only seen most of these once, and I am well aware that repeat exposure can change one's opinion quite dramatically. The first time I read Pynchon's Vineland, I was sort of lukewarm about it, I must admit, but when I reread it, I realized: holy crud this is a great book. Point being, these rankings are subject to change. Or would be if I were planning on rewatching the whole show, at any rate.

Feel free to present your own rankings in comments.

"Double-0 Duck"
"The Uncrashable Hindentanic"
"Metal Attraction"
"The Duck Who Knew too Much"
"Hero for Hire"
"Raiders of the Lost Harp"
"Spies in Their Eyes"
"Top Duck"
"Sphinx for the Memories"
"The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan"

Runners-Up: "Ducky Mountain High," "Duckworth's Revolt," "Pearl of Wisdom"

"Bubba's Big Brainstorm"
"The Duckman of Aquatraz"
"The Bride Wore Stripes"
"Down & Out in Duckburg"
"The Right Duck"
"Magica's Magic Mirror"/"Take Me Out of the Ballgame"
"The Money Vanishes"
"Once Upon a Dime"
"Luck o' the Ducks"

Runners-Up: "Ducky Horror Picture Show," "Ducks of the West," "Where No Duck Has Gone Before"

"Horse Scents"
"Launchpad's First Crash"
"Maid of the Myth"
"Scrooge's Pet"
"Dinosaur Ducks"
"The Duck Who Would Be King"
"Sweet Duck of Youth"
"Jungle Duck"
"Back Out in the Outback"


  1. Great breakdown. I certainly agree with your best episodes. Some of your worst episodes I have great affection for, while recognizing their failings. A few of your worst ("Down & Out in Duckburg," "Magica's Magic Mirror"/"Take Me Out of the Ballgame," "Once Upon a Dime," and "Luck o' the Ducks" specifically) are pretty much regarded by DuckTales' fans as series lows.

    I would add select episodes from the series' various multi-parts to the list of bests, but all in all, a fair and balanced assessment of a great program.

    (And I mean "fair and balanced" not as a nebulous slogan, but as two actual words that complement each other and compliment you. ;-))

  2. Understood, and thank you. In any case, I pride myself on adhering to the same standards of journalistic excellence as Fox News.

  3. Nice list! I think I might go and watch your top ten episodes ... it's been a while.

    Is this the end of your Ducktales journey then? Interested to see what you'll take on next!

  4. BEST :

    1. Dime Enough for Luck
    2. Working for Scales (most epic episode ever!)
    3. Send in the clones
    4. Magica's Shadow War
    5.Raidser of the lost harp
    6.Don't give up the ship
    7.Much ado about Scrooge
    8.The Land of Tra-lala! (Brake my legs, but I enjoy this one more then the actuall barks story)
    9.Spies in their eyes
    10.Hotel Strangeduck/Spinhx for the memories (I'm puting this here for nostagia sake, those two episode creep me out as a child and I think they pass the test of time pretty well when it comes down to athmopher)

    WORST :

    1.The Bride Wore Stripes
    2. Bubbeo & Juliet
    3. Beaglemania (I like the concept but man is the animation and writing bad in this one...)
    4. Once Upon a Dime
    5. Launchpad's First Crash
    6. The Masked Mallard
    7.Down & Out in Duckburg (I don't mind this one much but boy is it a middle finger to Barks classic... )
    8.Ali Bubba's Cave (I actually liked "Ducks on the lam but this was just a terrible payofff)
    9. Duck Tales' Valentine (no terrile but very meh)
    10. Mhhh.... Cold Duck I guess? I never cared about that one to much....

  5. Oooooh a dissenting voice in the internet wilderness here, I was incredibly impressed and enraptured with Duckman of Aquatraz, it was poignant, clever, ingenious, and not hilarious but a cracking good tale, I loved the nephews discovering the family portrait and the paint had run so they looked like a Munch painting, and Glomgold punished by having to have a portrait of Scrooge Up, terrific episode. I haven't seen them all yet, but its the best cartoon I've ever seen, and Launchpad is the most dishiest accident prone pilot in the history of dishy accident prone pilots! The characters are more real than other cartoons, like they are alive, its their expressions and dialogue. Robot Robbers is brilliant though, the scene in the warehouse with Ma Beagle doing ballet to avoid detection by the coppers flash light is eye wateringly funny, and Magic as Shadow Wars is a touch disturbing and Freudian but excellent, a memorable episode. And the Jinni one, where Glomgold and Scrooge end up in the desert for the amusement of the Genie (Jinni). Can't say there's any duff ones but the Ball Game one with the Beagle Brats was a bit boring.