Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Darkwing Duck, Season Slumgullion, Episode Two: "Film Flam"

An evil walrus named Tuskernini uses a magic ray thing to zap movie characters out into the real world to do his evil bidding.

This episode is metaphysical as fuck. Drake's all concerned about Gosalyn because her guidance counsellor accuses her of making up stuff about monsters (what kinda authoritarian guidance counsellor IS this, anyway?), so he forbids her from seeing violent movies; instead, they go to see a cartoon, "Wacky Times with Andy Ape," which is a take-off on the cartoon sequence that opens Who Framed Roger Rabbit? "In real life, if you get hit with an anvil you don't just pop back up like that," he helpfully explains, although, in fact, that's exactly what happens in the show's version of "real life." Note also that here we have animated characters acting as though they're not animated while reacting to a bit inspired by a movie in which there are both "real" and animated characters. Man alive.

Anyway, they defeat the bad fellow in amusing fashion, as Drake in short order takes on the roles of the heroes of the movies from which the villains have been summoned--an old-west lawman, a Flash-Gordon type, and an Indiana-Jones guy--to beat them. My question: why is the Indiana-Jones guy ("South Dakota Smith") in the same movie as a zombie? Much less a zombie that, per Gosalyn, defeats him? Very suspicious. It's funny how each foe attacks him one at a time, while the others just idly watch from the sidelines in classic video-game fashion.

Stray Observations

-"Yes! You'll have no bananas...today!"

-"Looks like Gosalyn really ISN'T a maladjusted pathological liar!"

-"It's Mongo from Mars!" "Yeah, right! And I'm Donald--" Note that Donald is an actual character in the show's larger universe. But given that, as far as we've seen, he doesn't have any great celebrity within this world, why would Drake pluck his name out of the air like that? You might respond that he wasn't necessarily referring to Donald Duck, to which I would reply, yes, but he obviously was.

-I feel like I'm violating some sort of principle here by mentioning a show I've never even seen, but yes, I noticed that, when the pirate guy slashes open Drake's jacket, his tee-shirt has a picture of Baloo from Talespin on it.

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