Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And that is a wrap.

Crud. I Can't Believe I Watched the Whole Thing. In spite of the decidedly inconsistent nature of the show, I feel vaguely bereft. Thanks to everyone who commented, particularly Christopher, who made a lot of interesting and useful observations that I missed.

Anyway, stick around for a few retrospective analyses, best-of/worse-of lists, and that sort of thing. Then, we will embark on a new project, which shall be revealed all in good time.


  1. Yeah, I feel a little down too now that Ducktales is over. I know that something new is ahead but still... I remember when I was eight and had seen every Ducktales episode at least three times... I just wished that there were more.

  2. As an adult rewatching DT, I do wince, along with you, at some of the morality and childishness of formerly beloved episodes. But you never mention my favorite part: the soundtrack. If I tune out the script and just listen to the music, it's a delightful 20 minutes spent. And that is obviously something that comic books can't compete with.