Monday, October 24, 2011

Darkwing Duck, Season One, Episode Seven: "Dirty Sexy Money"

Okay, so I may have added a word to that title (but which one???). Gotta increase the traffic hereabouts somehow, right?

This episode, it becomes clear, was produced before "Apes of Wrath," as it features Darkwing's induction into SHUSH, which was alluded to in that episode. It also features the introduction of FOWL, from "Double-0 Duck," represented by sinister silhouettes who may or may not be meant to represent actual characters to be introduced later. Time will tell.

SHUSH is represented by its chief, J. Gander Hooter, and an agent named Grizzlykoff, whose name may or may not be a reference to someone in particular. But what's the deal with the printing disappearing from currency?* And what happens when Hooter is kidnapped by an insane rogue cleaning-lady named Ammonia Pine? Well...saving-the-day-type action may occur, but not until Darkwing is able to pass the tests to become a member of SHUSH, 'cause Grizzlykoff just plain doesn't like him. The tests are pretty funny, particularly the one where Grizzlykoff just goes apeshit and requires Darkwing to endure being shot by progressively larger pieces of artillery. The whole thing is a good demonstration of his basic competence, even if he does suffer various slapstick indignities along the way.

*Well, part of the deal is that I surmise that the whole episode was predicated on a pun about "money laundering" that never made it into the final cut.

The loud and brassy Ammonia Pine is also entertaining, as is the climax in which the two of them are dueling on giant soap-bubbles. Actually, there are several moments in the episode that recall the all-time arcade classic Bubble Bobble, which is something you always like to see.

What can I say? Another entertaining outing all 'round.

Stray Observations

-"I am the icky bug that crawls up your trouser leg!"

-I can only assume there will be a later episode in which J. Gander Hooter makes a concerted effort to destroy St. Canard's most prominent civil rights leader, Pine-Marten Luther Kingfisher. O the hijinx that'll lead to.

-Know what would be cool? A crossover with Double Duck (the thing Boom published, you know). Okay, maybe not; maybe the concepts are too similar to each other to really have much traction. Plus, DW is rather obviously superior. But I still would like to see the result, dammit.


  1. "J. Gander Hooter" in "Darkwing Duck" is an entirely different character than the "J. Gander Hoover" in "Double-O-Duck," but I wonder if there's something going on like "M" in James Bond, where each new person to become the head of the secret agency adopts the same name.

  2. Man, Grizzlykoff is a real shitcake in this episode. Giving DW a hard time is one thing, but how's about making an effort to find your boss you big chimp? That's bureaucrats for ya!

    I like all the cleaning-themed setpieces this episode. Although how did they make the vacuum cleaner explode by covering up the intake? Surely it would have just stopped filling up. Oh well!

  3. I wasn't real clear on that either. I can only assume that there must be separate intakes and outtakes. How do vacuum cleaners work in the real world, anyway? Science is complicated.