Thursday, April 4, 2013

Darkwing Duck, Season One, Episode Forty-Three: "Dances with Bigfoot"

…so it can't REALLY be the case that this episode features the line "that's the snack god!  As in, the favorite meal of the Clinton god!" can it?  If nothing else, surely this was a year or so early for a Clinton joke to have much currency?  Hmm.

Well, it seems Gosalyn wants to be a superhero too, and she has this rather chic red and black "Crimson Quackette" ensemble she's put together.  Drake is less than supportive of this notion, but then the next day, OMG, he disappears, and it's up to her and Honker to find him.  I like the first part which is just the two of them together; they have a good give-and-take, and frankly, I'm finding lately that DW himself often kinda gets on my nerves--a little of that incomptence/massive egoism goes a LONG way.  This first part also features my favorite line: "Bored with your dumb job?  You can become a zeppelin operator today!"  

Be that as it may, they eventually, inevitably find him.  It turns out he's been captured by…savage natives who are going to sacrifice him to a volcano god, and it never ceases to baffle me that cartoons--in the nineties, fercryinoutloud--were able to get away with the kind of thing that would get old comics banned for all eternity (or at least until Fantagraphics' magic diplomacy made itself felt).  Not that I'm exactly viscerally offended by it, but it's certainly tasteless and not very clever, though admittedly there are a few amusing moments, as when Honker tries to frighten them away by shining a flashlight under his face only to have them retaliate by blasting him with klieg lights, or when our heroes are going to fly away only to have them pile into a passenger plane that they just happen to have lying around.  On the whole, though, I found the first part of this much more engaging than the second.  I kind of wish the writers were a bit more willing more often to concentrate on the secondary characters like that.

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