Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Darkwing Duck, Season One, Episode Forty-Two: "Twitching Channels"

"Megavolt's latest device accidentally transports him and Darkwing into a universe of "hideous beakless mutants" (i.e: the real world), where Darkwing Duck is only a cartoon," sez the wikipedia entry for this episode, leaving the viewer to wonder: they're not really going to actually include a live-action segment, are they?  

This here device of Megavolt's allows him to enter televisions and reach out of them and take stuff--a rather limited method of thievery, and he doesn't seem to have any overarching gameplan here; he just appears in various TV shows and takes various random stuff until such time as he and DW are ejected into the "real world"--which is not, as I knew in my heart of hearts it couldn't be, actual live-action, though the preponderance of "realistic" cartoon humans is at least a little disconcerting.  The Megavolt business takes a back seat as DW, realizing that his cartoon is popular in this world ("When you're Drake Mallard, what job do you have?" a child asks him--oh, show.  You're so self-aware), decides he wants a piece of the pie.  

He goes to see the show's producer, "Thaddeus Rockwell" (a goof on real-life DW creator Tad Stones), and I am amused by the fact that the episode's willing to assert that its creator is a dimwitted, mercenary narcissist.  Turns out he creates the show by using this magic helmet to pick up radio-wave-type things from DW-world (and goddamned if I haven't at times only semi-jokingly wondered if, given the sheer force of my Disney fandom, it's not possible that duck characters are "real" in some alternate-universe kind of way, so I can relate).  And then some other stuff happens, and DW and Megavolt go home.  It's mostly enjoyable, though the Chip'n'Dale Rescue Rangers shout-out at the end seems to me to be too cute for its own good, even in one of the cuter episodes in recent memory.

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