Monday, March 12, 2012

Darkwing Duck, Season One, Episode Twenty-Eight: "All's Fahrenheit in Love and War"

There's a big ol' blizzard in St. Canard, and DW wants to go on vacation, but what's this?  Banks getting robbed!  Turns out the responsible parties are these "fireflies" that melt their way into vaults, melt gold mullion into liquid, and take it out.  There's a scene that I actually found sort of distressing when they're heating up the room and DW and LP are desperately trying to escape the heat.  I mean, I know that, given this show's epistemology, there's no real danger, but I couldn't help thinking how horrific that would be in real life.

Anyway, turns out these bugs are being controlled by one Isis Vanderchill, a large woman who looks sort of like a duck version of Ursula from The Little Mermaid.  It seems she used to be "the ice Queen of St. Canard," but she had experimental surgery to freeze her face to keep it from aging, but it went wrong and, uh, froze her blood, so now she's always cold.  Which is why she apparently lives in, well, Hell, deep beneath the ground.  She takes a shine to DW, and there's some sorta-sexist stuff where she makes him go out with her, but then it is revealed that she's controlling the bugs, and Shit Gets Real.  It transpires that the ultimate goal is to coat all of St. Canard with gold, on the basis that this will "reflect enough heat to keep [her] warm all year long."  I ain't one a them there fancy-pants scientists, but I am nonetheless fairly certain that gold does not work that way.

Basically making time, really.  I feel like Vanderchill needs to be more flamboyant--or more something, at any rate--to be memorable.  But as it stands, like this episode, she really isn't.  Instead of watching it, why not read Alfred Bester's short story "Fondly Fahrenheit?"  It does some interesting things with perspective and is ultimately quite chilling (ho ho).

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  1. The most memorable thing about this episode was how the cable guide described Isis as "Darkwing's girlfriend". Girlfriend? Really? Maybe that would be fun to dwell on in the comics...