Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Darkwing Duck, Season One, Episode Thirty-One: "Adopt-A-Con"

I'm pretty indifferent to Tuskernini as a villain, but this is an okay episode because of a sort of Abrahams-Zucker-&-Zucker-ish use of intentionally dumb/silly throwaway jokes--like in the beginning, where Tuskernini's on trial and being represented by his penguin sidekicks, who keep using props to pantomime what he should plead and then the judge goes "Enough of these charades!"  Or when DW goes "I smell a rat!" in relation to Tuskernini's presumed plotting, and Gosalyn pulls out a rat and goes "aw, can't I keep him, dad?"

So anyway, the idea is that Drake inadvertently signs up for this "Adopt-A-Con" program in which people take in convicts to reform them.  Guess who he gets stuck with (it's really easy to forget here that not everyone knows DW's identity, since they both act and look more or less identically.  But, of course, Tuskernini has no idea).

Anyway, big surprise, Tuskernini is still up to no good, and he's robbing banks via tunnels dug from Drake's house.  He likes to do his crimes dressed up, comically, as other villains, leading to an historic moment in which a lame costume actually fails to fool someone: "You're not Megavolt!  You're Tuskernini--in a really bad Megavolt disguise."

Then, there's a conclusion where Drake, LP, and Gosalyn trick him into thinking they want him to rob a mint and getting him to come in on it, and there's a really indescribably weird bit where Drake has to quickly shift from being tied up in the building to being outside with the cops as DW, which involves him crawling over vast trackless desert wastes and swimming through crocodile-filled rivers.

It's a fun episode, and that's certainly down to the writing.  This could easily have been really mediocre and boring, but the writer here went the extra mile.  Well done.

Stray Observation

-Okay okay, so nobody knows that Drake and DW are one.  Fine.  But…while I would have to go back and rewatch previous Tuskernini appearances be sure, I'm pretty much <i>certain</i> he knows that LP works with DW, and probably Gosalyn too.  And this really wouldn't tip him off that this robbery is a set-up?

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