Sunday, March 11, 2012

Darkwing Duck, Season One, Episode Twenty-Seven: "Smarter than a Speeding Bullet"

As DW and LP are looking to foil Steelbeak's theft of rubber duckies, an alien capsule crashes down in the middle of the fracas.  Inside is Comet Guy, a generic-looking musclebound alien superhero from the planet Mertz (sp?).  I like the name "Comet Guy" because it sounds like a superhero name that a six-year-old would come up with.  Perhaps this is intentional, inasmuch as he has the intellect of a little kid.  Apparently, he's no great shakes as a superhero, so he needs a champion from another planet--like DW!--to train him.  Oh, and he has one weakness: when he hears the sound of a bell, he has to dance uncontrollably, wearing various different dancing costumes, until he hears a whistle.  Hokay.  This is an excuse for the writers to play dress-up with him, more or less; some of his get-ups and accompanying dances are pretty funny, but this is a conceit that could get old very fast if it manifests again in later appearances of the character.

Anyway, DW gets fed up with CG's incompetence and refuses to continue the training.  I thought there would be some sorta conflict with DW getting jealous of the fact that CG has actual superpowers, like flight and ice-vision, but that never really comes up.  Probably a good thing, ultimately; it's a bit predictable (then again, I suppose DW might have some too--that teleporting thing he does doesn't seem to have any realistic explanation).  Steelbeak decides that HE can pretend to be a superhero-training-guy ("Steelbeak Cluck") and get CG to work for him, helping out with FOWL's diabolic scheme to create a giant, remote-controlled, bouncy rubber ball of destruction (the "FOWL ball").  Various things occur and CG's back with the good guys, and they're able to use the dancing thing to their advantage to win, which is pretty clever.

I like Comet Guy, in spite of my previous caveat about the uncontrollable-dancing gimmick.  My favorite part is the bit where he hammers three eggmen in a row into the ground (""You can't make an omelet without pounding the living daylights out of a few eggs!").  I gather he only reappears once, but more woulda been better, I say.  Certainly, he would've made a better Justice Duck than that flippin' dinosaur whose name I forget and refuse to look up.

Stray Observations

-OF COURSE there's a giant pencil sharpener at the pencil factory!  What would you expect?

-"Launchpad--tell him I'm me!"  "Gee, I dunno DW--they ALL look like you!"

"'Gasp!'  I've been duped!"

-I wonder if they ever meant to unveil those shadowy FOWL High Command people at any point.

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