Thursday, February 16, 2012

Darkwing Duck, Season Two Hundred Eighty Two Thousand, Episode Five: "Slaves to Fashion"

Well, the initial idea is that Gosalyn is kicking Honker's and Tank's asses at soccer, and seeing this, Drake allows himself to be convinced that Gosalyn is insufficiently lady-like and should therefore be made to serve as a "hostess" at this school charity function to girl her up.  I must say, while this plotline is interesting in theory, in practice it's just way too programmatic.  I mean, what do you think is going to happen?  If you said "Gosalyn is utterly hostile to behaving in an even slightly 'lady-like' fashion," then congratulations: you've watched at least one episode of Darkwing Duck, or at least heard of it.  I'm not saying that Gosalyn should start acting contrary to character, but if you're going to have a plot like this, use it to do something interesting; reveal some new wrinkle.  Otherwise, what's the point?

Ahem.  Anyway.  So the problem is, Tuskernini, whom I've never found to be a very interesting villain, has this hypno-gas that makes people act like what they're dressed as.  Or else just makes them do what Tuskernini says.  Or both.  It's never made very clear.  He wants to use this scheme to rob the charity and stuff.  Gadzooks!

So at the dance, there's a baffling bit where Gosalyn is hanging around chatting with these three boys and acting exaggeratedly girly about it to…annoy Drake, apparently.  Only it's not at all clear why this is meant to be something that would annoy him.  I guess the boys are disreputable or something?  I would not describe this as the result of good writing.  Then, everyone starts getting hit with the gas, resulting in hijinx.  I do like the fact that Drake is dressed as Darkwing (causing nobody to notice anything suspicious, of course), and it's a real philosophical conundrum when he gets hit with the gas: now he acts like DW?  More so?  What does it mean to be made to behave "more" in the manner of your alter-ego that's for all intents and purposes exactly the same as you?  Hmm.

And there's an entertaining conclusion where Tuskernini, DW, and LP have all been hit by the gas and rapidly go through a whole bunch of different costumes and behaviors.  And then Drake learns that he should accept Gosalyn as she is.  So good for him.

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