Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Darkwing Duck, Season One, Episode Twenty-Two: "Double Darkwings"

Take a tall drink from a jar, act so gay-o
War is over, Johnny's back, back on the bayou

Jambalaya Jake's witchdoctor grandmother makes a zombification powder for him to use on Darkwing.  Great plan--but things go wrong because LP is dressed in a DW costume to learn to be a more effective "decoy," and, naturally, he gets hit with the potion instead, giving Jake the bright idea of making him commit crimes to frame the real DW.

Hmm.  I'm sort of ambivalent about Jake.  He is fairly entertaining to watch, I'll admit, but there's something about him that just makes him seem a little out-of-place to me.  It's probably in large part the fact that while all the other villains are, you know, special in some way, he's really just a short guy with no discernible superpowers.  I feel like I either want to sympathize on some level with a supervillain, or else find them so impressively badass/evil that I don't care.  Jake sort of falls between the cracks in that regard.

Anyway, grandma wants Jake to cough up ten thousand dollars for this powder, and she shows up at a very inopportune moment to demand the money; when he can't pay, she de-zombifies LP so the heroes can kick his ass.  Geez, granny, you've gotta give him some time.  It really doesn't seem reasonable to me to expect the money before he's had time to deal with the resident superhero.  What you have to ask yourself is: do you actually want that ten thousand dollars, or don't you?  If you do, you're going to have to learn to exercise some patience.

Nice ending, in which our heroes make Jake and Gumbo dress in the DW costumes to frame them for the crimes that they had framed DW for.  I like how thoroughly dimwitted the TV reporter is.

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