Monday, January 23, 2012

Darkwing Duck, Season One, Episode Twenty-Five: "Jurassic Jumble"

Watching a few more episodes out of order here, so's we'll have all the necessary background when we do the big two-part episode.  In this installment, there's a bipedal pteranodon named Dr. Fossil, who, with the help of his lackey, Smegmutt, is getting together a plan to turn people into dinosaurs and wipe out humanity, by…hmm.  Okay, the exact mechanics here are unclear to say the least, but suffice it to say: that's his plan.  Can Darkwing thwart him???

Smegmutt is a good guy.  He's strong but child-like, possibly somewhat mentally disabled.  I don't find him all that appealing, but per the internet, he doesn't appear very often, so I guess that's okay.  But here's the question: is he supposed to be a former human?  And if so, why doesn't he get turned back at the end, along with all the other transformed dinosaurs?  And how about Dr. Fossil, who is definitely a transformed human?  And why is he on this big dinosaur-rights trip if he's not actually a dinosaur?  The show tries to lampshade the question by having Honker ask it and Fossil getting all offended, but it's really pretty nonsensical, and it just goes to show what I've said a few times before: the fact that your show has a very elastic reality should not be seen as a license to not put any thought into what you're doing 'cause what the hell.


Stray Observation

-Hey, Honker has a very Junior-Woodchucks-esque handbook.  Is he a member?  He oughta be.

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  1. It's made clear in "Just Us Justice Ducks" that Stegmutt used to be a duck, but the reasons why he wasn't turned back aren't addressed.