Friday, January 27, 2012

Darkwing Duck, Season One, Episode Thirty: "Ghoul of My Dreams"

It turns out that Morgana, with the help of an evil little gremlin called Nodoff that rules (I guess?) the dream world, is putting people to sleep and getting them to give her their stuff (eg, a rich pig thinks he's a baseball pitcher and hurls his gold bricks out the window for her bats to catch in a net). It's time for Darkwing to come to the rescue, and also feel ambivalent due to his attraction to her!

I like Morgana a lot, as I may have mentioned, though here she has a disappointingly banal, if somewhat funny, motive: "And now, with the city asleep, I'll finally be able to steal enough money to pay off my student loans!" Nobody said becoming a horror queen was cheap. I also like her bats, Eek and Squeak, and her grumpy spider. They're endearingly expressive.

Thing is, I'm really not sure how this whole dream-world thing is supposed to work. Okay, Morgana's using dust she gets from Nodoff to put people to sleep. But…is this just normal sleep, or is it some sorta special sleep? There's never any indication that waking people from it is particularly hard, but in that case, why go into the dreamworld after Morgana when she's put to sleep, as opposed to just waking her up? How is this a good plan to rob a whole city? And how does just tossing Nodoff back into the dream world somehow apparently get rid of him for good, given that this is his kingdom? Confusion is mine.

Oh, and then at the end, the whole thing was a dream. SRSLY?

Stray Observation

-"We're investigating a crime spree, and you're the prime seduction, uh, SUSPECT."

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