Friday, November 18, 2011

Season Ing, Episode Three: "Negaduck"

Soooo…what happens, is Megavolt hits DW with his magic machine thingie that separates his 'good' and 'evil' sides. They look the same except that the evil one has thick eyebrows, as evil people generally do. The good one's all milquetoasty; the bad one's loud and angry, though 'evil' seems like a bit of a stretch. In fact, I strongly question the this episode's whole conception of good-vs-evil! Seriously, though, I do think that this idea that "good=ineffectual" probably says something not-that-complimentary about our society.

But that's okay, because it's entertaining stuff, especially the loud, obnoxious 'evil' version, who goes to a movie entitled The Cute Little Lost Bunnies Movie, stands up on the back of his seat angrily demanding car chases, and starts firing a shotgun at the screen. And then, because that's the kind of show this is, he enters the movie and commandeers a tank from god knows where.

The bad DW wants to smash Megavolt's ray so the process can never be reversed, but instead he gets hit with it again, which "galvanizes" him and makes him into the fiendish Negaduck, who is in black and white and seething with electricity, and I have already been apprised by Ryan Wynn that this is not the "real" Negaduck, so no need to tell me. Actually, although he looks pretty intimidating, I find him less fun than the regular-bad DW.

Then the "good" version gets galvanized too, and I just cannot tell you how bizarre it is to see him beatifically swanning around spouting advice about recycling and brushing your teeth. But in a fun way.

In conclusion, here's a youtube comment on this episode, which raises a few questions, such as: Who do you think you're arguing with? And why? And are you a crazy person?

First off, Negaduck was the main villain instead of Megavolt, whom I thought was wicked enough. Secondly, Gosalyn was right about Darkwing being arrogant. Even worse, he doesn't hug her back! He may not know it, but a true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart. If he keeps treating her like dirt, then he has NO heart!

Stray Observations

-"Sorry, but you can't stay! Dad's got the plague!"

-"Trons! The building blocks of good and evil! I learned that in school!"

-…did I really hear Herb Waddlefoot express his excitement about a show called "Wheel of Torture?"

-Okay, I really don't buy the idea that Gosalyn, Launchpad and Honker, having tied up the two DWs, are unable to tell which is which. A. The eyebrows, fercrissake; B. If that's not enough, just take another feather to look at it under the microscope! Sheesh!


  1. Herb Muddlefoot. MUDDLEFOOT.

  2. Is it ever explained how Negaduck goes from black and white and seething with electricity to the normal-looking duck wearing the yellow inversion of the Darkwing costume?

  3. My understanding is "no," but someone familiar with the entire series would no doubt know best.

  4. Tad Stones just thought "I liked that guy. Let's bring him back". And they did.

  5. The Negaduck made of negatrons and the Negaduck from the negaverse are two different characters, albeit ones with similar properties (i.e., essentially the opposites of Darkwing Duck).