Friday, November 4, 2011

Darkwing Duck, Season One, Episode Eleven: "Paraducks"

So the story is this: SHUSH has invented a time machine. But not just any time machine: a time machine that runs on the sound of polkas, which is an awesome detail (if this were a Ducktales episode, there would have been a joke about how much everyone hates accordions. Glad we dodged that bullet).

So Darkwing and Gosalyn accidentally travel to the fifties, where young-Drake is being harassed by a gang of greasers led by an Elvis impersonator known only as "The King." I feel like given Drake's probably age (mid-thirties?), he should've had more of a sixties childhood, but this was amusing enough to let it slide. The gang forces him to aid in their evil scheme (which involves a not-bad musical number); Gosalyn insists that Darkwing not intervene, but, in an interesting twist on the usual time-travel sort of thing, his not-intervention results in a terrifying dystopian present where The King is in fact the King and everyone is forced to wear huge pompadours. So it's necessary to go back and teach young-Drake how to be more awesome, and then, with the help of another fairly-awesome song from Darkwing--I'm really impressed by how assured these musical interludes are--the day is saved and young-Drake gets renewed self-confidence and the aspiration to be a superhero. And Gosalyn brings up some of the paradoxical aspects of this caper just so Darkwing can brazenly fail to address them, which is a nice touch.

Not a super-indelible villain, but as I assume he's a one-shot, that's okay. And the episode as a whole was highly amusing.

Stray Observations

-"It gives the appearance of an ordinary stuffed bear, but it's capable of firing over a hundred poison darts with pinpoint accuracy!" "We hope to have it ready for the holidays."

-"I am the toddler that naps in the night!"

-Gosalyn and young-Drake as cheerleaders during DW's song are adorable.

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