Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ducktales, Season Four, Episode Two: "Attack of the Metal Mites"

Welp. Glomgold's scientists have invented (bred?) mites that eat metal, and he tries to use them to destroy Scrooge's money. Also--god help us--Dijon from the movie is now his assistant. I knew from the Wikipedia episode list that the character was going to reappear in the final two-parter, but seeing him here was an unwelcome surprise. My mind just reels that someone somewhere at some point announced "a cringing, sycophantic, avaricious A-rab stereotype? Boys, we've got ourselves a winner!" Jeez. Though I suppose if it's between him and the Ducktales Beagles, there isn't much to choose.

Anyway, mites. Money. Gotta stop them from eating stuff. This very much feels like your average early-first-season episode, except for the inclusion of a Fenton subplot: the gizmosuit gets eaten by the mites (big surprise), and he feels inadequate until he saves the day thanks to being smart. Didn't we already go through something like this in "Super Ducktales?"

What he does is use the magic words to summon the gizmosuit, on the highly dubious premise that each chewed-up piece of suit must "remember" its previous function and respond appropriately. Then he's covered in mites, which would actually be pretty darned gross, but he uses a magnet to stop them. And now he's going to get another suit. Huzzah.

It's a pretty aimless episode, all told. The Fenton bit is okay but not phenomenal, and far too much time is devoted to Dijon's bumbling. It's kinda weird that they'd have Bubba and Fenton episodes back to back and I'd prefer the former by a wide margin, but there you go. Signs and wonders.

Stray Observations

-I like the idea that Fenton can count all of Scrooge's money at a rapid rate while frantically tunneling through the piles of cash.

-Gizmoduck, on deploying his head-copter to save a worker from a mite-eaten catwalk: "And you thought my head was only full of brains!" "No! I'd never think that!"

-HDL: "Way to go, Fenton--all that metal in their tummies made it easy!" And yet they still can't figure out that he's Gizmoduck? What exactly do they think he just did?

-Webby as a Junior Woodchuck, recalling "Merit-Time Adventure." I'm down with that.

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  1. I was OBSESSED with wanting to see this episode. The show was airing at 3:30 and I could never get home fast enough only see it on days off from school (of course I would never think of playing hookey. honest...) and it got worse when the previews at the end of the Disney Afternoon credits didn't care - they'd show tomorrow would air "Double-o-Duck" when it would be "Robotica" or "Armstrong"-again.

    I finally got to see it in the waning days of summer, so I was glad to get that out of my system.