Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ducktales, Season One, Episode Forty-Two: "Scroogerello"

Gripped by a grippe, Scrooge falls asleep as Webby reads him "Cinderella," and has a fever dream in which he takes the lead role in a reverse-gender version of the story with Beagle Boys and Glomgold as the step-people and Goldie as the princess. There's also some dicking around with Goldie captured and Scrooge & Co having to navigate a magic hedge-maze and castle, in order to chew up extra running time.

Yup, the fantasy episode riffing on an old, familiar story--the staple of idea-strapped writers everywhere. To be fair, there were a few things I liked here--well, two, basically: Launchpad as a frog is kinda funny, and I enjoyed Goldie's unexpected second appearance, and more particularly her voice actress.

But beyond that…boy. I found this pretty tedious, I have to tell you. None of the "Ducktales characters as Cinderella characters!" stuff was particularly imaginative or clever or anything. I'm pretty sure this isn't gonna turn out to be the case, but this feels very much like the desperate, last-gasp kind of thing that these sorts of episodes tend to be. Blah.

Stray Observations

-Brief, non-speaking appearance by Ludwig, as one of the guys who gets his head smashed in the food by a Beagle Boy.

-The beatnik Beagle is now some sort of combination beatnik/disco Beagle. Very strange.

-One of the Beagles, on how they got transformed back from nightmarish bull/frog hybrids: "We found an ugly princess who'll kiss anyone on the first date." Dude. Not appropriate.


  1. I was always a bit confused by the closing exchange when Scrooge says he's taking everyone to Duckburg's best hamburger stand.

    WEBBY. Can we order fries?
    SCROOGE. You can even order hamburgers!

    Is this what usually happens when the world's richest duck takes the family and staff out to eat at a fast food restaurant? Do they gorge themselves on the free ketchup and mustard packets, have a packet of relish for dessert, stuff their pockets with as many paper napkins and plastic utensils as they can carry, then run home? Is Scrooge's idea of going out to a nice restaurant drinking water and eating the complementary bread basket, then raiding the bowl of after-dinner mints on the way out?

  2. Good catch--looks like someone wanted to have the hilarious expectations reversal of "he doesn't always let them have fries? Oh, holy shit--he doesn't always let them have BURGERS!" without considering the unintended implications--which, as you demonstrate, are a lot funnier than the intentional "joke."

  3. It's Scrooge dream man! For him disco and beatnik culture is the same thing ;)