Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hey there, foax. Now, I'm not exactly a Ducktales virgin, having seen the show a few times when I was small, either on video (good ol' VHS!) or at friends' houses. But I was never a huge fan, and these days I don't have much of a sense of the show. I've enjoyed the Lustig/Van Horn Ducktales comics, but those don't feel very distinct from regular comics comics--pretty much the usual thing, only with Launchpad replacing Donald. As for the Ducktales serials that Gemstone reprinted in trade paperback form, the less said the better. Haven't yet read the new material that Boom has published (waiting for the TPB--though from what Chris says, it sounds like a bit of a mess).

BE THAT AS IT MAY. I can't help feeling that if I'm going to be any sort of expert on anthropomorphic waterfowl, it would behoove me to watch the show. I intend to go write an entry on each episode; they're not going to be as substantial as the entries on my other duck blog; mostly just sort of my gut reactions. But it'll be fun, hopefully! I'm going to do at least one episode a week, and very likely more.

Q. How about the movie, Treasure of the Lost Lamp?

A. Of course.

Q. The blog doesn't specify "Ducktales;" it just says "duck cartoons." How about Darkwing Duck?

A. Um, maybe. I know it's technically a Ducktales spinoff, but I'm not sure whether it quite falls in my bailiwick--or whether, indeed, I'd have anything interesting to say about a Superhero-parody-type show. We'll see.

Q. Quack Pack?

A. Yes, in spite of the fact that nobody seems to have anything good to say about this one, I do plan on giving it a try.

Q. Anything else?

A. Well, the blog's name gives me leeway to dip into older duck cartoons if I'm ever of a mind to. But no specific plans at this point.

Q. How are you watching these?

A. Where available, on official DVD; where not available (because at some point, Disney apparently decided they didn't want a dumb ol' license to print money anyway)…well, I'll do what I've gotta do.

Q. Is the first episode going up right after you post this entry?

A. Yup! Let's go!


  1. I highly recommend the WWII cartoons, where Donald fights the Nazis. Especially "Der Fuehrer's Face." That would make for a great discussion.